Guest Post Guidelines

Please read through the guidelines below, as we have answered most of the questions you or your client will have. Pay special attention to the details we’ve provided concerning “article preparation” as this will keep your article from being rejected.



  • Our posts are permanent, indexable, contain dofollow links, and are not marked as “sponsored” anywhere on the article. 
  • We DO NOT publish adult-themed subject matter or explicit content.
  • Turnaround time is 48 hours for most sites.
  • We primarily use PayPal or credit cards for financial transactions, but other payment forms may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.
  • We DO NOT offer homepage placement for guest articles. All guest articles will be placed in a subcategory of the site that is both searchable and indexable.
  • We DO NOT offer link insertion. 



  • All posts must be written in English.
  • All content must be original.
  • Links in the article must use natural anchor text (no domain names or URLs)
  • All text formatting should be placed on the provided article. We will not format the article for optimal performance.
  • We will write the article for you for an additional $35 fee per article (negotiable for bulk orders)



  • Prices listed on our tables are non-negotiable.
  • Bulk orders may be able to secure discounted pricing. If you are interested in ordering 4 or more articles, please contact us with details and we will create a custom order for you.